Your production... and how to improve it

Your production is influenced by several factors. Thanks to our industrial monitoring solutions we can enable you to measure these influences and thereby create interesting information. This is the business intelligence you need to increase the performance of your production.

In general your production is influenced by 5 elements: the raw materials, the machine, the energy consumption, human intervention (personel) and the product you created. Each of these influences can be measured by using overlapping monitoring solutions.

Warehouse Management System

The right product at the right time!

There are so many companies who are dependable on the brains of several persons to find certain products, equipment,... None of these companies can imagine how it is to have a system in which you know all the locations of all your equipment and where all products of your stock is stored. They have personel that spends accumulated hours and hours on searching inefficiently for the right tool or product.


On demand of several companies we developed an easy to use system so that everybody can easily find any product or tool, linked to an ERP system.

Understanding your machine

Implement our technology into your machine, to obtain information so that you can:

- track the usage of your machines
- increase the productivity of your machines and employees
- improve the quality of the product you produce
- other information you want to know...

We find a technologic solution to measure everything that saves or brings you money.

Energy consumption

How to optimize your energy usage?

Implement our technology to measure what consumes your energy.
The information that the measurements provide, will enable you to use energy wise.

This decreases your monthly energy bill.

Human productivity

The implementation of our technology influences employee productivity in several ways:

- By tracking the usage of the machine and linking it to the employee using it, we can plot the productivity of the employee

- By measuring factors that normally are reported by employees, we increase the accuracy of the data provided

- When employees don't have to spend time making reports or fulfilling administrative duties, we increase the amount of productive hours

Your product quality

What if you could guarantee a higher product quality than your competitors, using the same machines?

You could provide hihger quality products to customers, willing to pay more.

Or decrease production costs when you know that quality doesn't matter.